Little Late

28 06 2009

Sorry, I haven’t been posting for a few days, the reason why is, I was at Yosemite National Park. Anyways, if you guys haven’t realized a 3000 bugz Agent Suit for boys and girls has been released. Also I am a bit disappointed because I think I broke my record for being on 13 days in a row….:(



Hiki Party + More!

21 06 2009

Hiki’s Party went great today! Canab and even Vayerman was there, it was just fantastic! It was really hard taking pics so I only managed to get one. Also Chobots has released a few new items in the Shop Catalog if you haven’t noticed.

Hiki Party

Finally, here is my new look…well its just a look I kinda like!



16 06 2009

Hello, Today Chobots, Gune appeared! Gune is a chobot who is similar to Chopix and he can be found at the end of the Nicho Mission. Once completed with the Nicho Mission look to your right and you will see Gune. Talk to him and he will gift you with the Nicho Mask! Also be sure to check the new Citizen Magic in the Magic Shop!




14 06 2009

Well, as you guys might know already the Pet Contest is over and hiki will post all the pets soon. I also got the chance to speak to go! today which was neat. He was wearing the 30 shirt!



13 06 2009

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Recon14! We were at Domo32 house and Recon decided to bring in his clones! 😀 It was really fun! Also I haven’t seen Recon for a while, so it was really fun again!



Raxar is back!?

11 06 2009

Thats right! Really sorry for the long delay, but I was just extremely busy with school, new house, and tons of other work…so I am back in action again and I will do my best on staying with the updates! In fact, if I can get my views back to at least 5 or 6 thousand by the end of June I will be throwing away a FREE 1 month citizenship…you heard me. 😀



Sonorus Party!

8 02 2009

It was Sonorus Birthday today and so we all had a great party! He even gave out Angel Suits for everyone!