Santa is Gone!

31 12 2008

Hopefully all you Chobots got the beta item because Santa left! I think it was really cool on how we had to collect bells to get clothing. 🙂



My 1st Drawing!

29 12 2008

Well, I drew the country of Ukraine! I hope you like it!


Quickee Party!

27 12 2008

Well, today I ran into some awsome friends! We had a nice party there!


I highly recommend these 3 Chobots to be agents. There all nice, kind, and helpful to others.




Until then, Keep Choboting!

New Servers Added!

27 12 2008

Here are some new servers that have been added to Chobots!


Park and Party has arrived!

27 12 2008

I hope all you chobots are enjoying the park! Santa finally came after all that updating! Don’t forget to get the Santa Hat from him and find the 3 bells. The bells are scattered throughout Chobot World! Here is a look at the party!


Until then, Keep Choboting!

Party Reminder!

26 12 2008

Don’t forget! Tomorow Dec. 27 there will be a party! These are the times:

9:00 AM Earth Pacific Standard Time
10:00 AM Earth Mountain Standard Time
11:00 AM Earth Central Standard Time
12:00 PM Earth Eastern Standard Time
Be sure to be there for Santa will hand out some neat presents! One of the items will be a santa hat of course!
The other items will be a suprise! In other news I just became an agent today! Hooray!
Until then, Keep Choboting!

Chobots Highscore!

24 12 2008

Hello Chobots! Just wanted to mention I got 7th place on the Choboard game located in the Gamezone! This is what it looks like when you hit the highscore board. 


Until then, Keep Choboting!