Citizen Magic Contest!

25 01 2009

Hello Chobots, I am holding a contest today to win all 9 different pieces of Citizen Magic. All you have to do is guess the number I am thinking of between 1-50. You can only try guessing 3 times! Please be sure to leave your Chobot Username. I will post who the winner is after the contest. Have Fun!




Chobot Memberships are here + New Rooms!

21 01 2009

First of all, Chobots have released memberships! If you become a member you are able to buy any of the outfits with coins and buy special magic. You can also buy a house and pets later on!


Here is the special magic you can buy with the membership!


And this is how the new room looks like in between the Eco Shop and the MakeYourOwnHouse Shop!


This is how the eco shop looks like!


And finally this is how the MakeYourOwn Shop looks like!






Random Drawing by Gangster

18 01 2009

Hey Chobots! Don’t you think I forgot about this blog, I am just not posting much because there’s nothing to post about! Well, anyways here it is:


Rooms not loading properly?

6 01 2009

Do some of the rooms that you keep trying to go in keep stopping at 100%? Well, its just a bug that the Chobots team are doing there best to fix so don’t worry.  Also I heard the Furniture shop and the Pets Shop should be open very soon!


Suit Contest…?

3 01 2009

Stick around chobots, because I just might be throwing in a suit contest very soon of your choice!