Sonorus Party!

8 02 2009

It was Sonorus Birthday today and so we all had a great party! He even gave out Angel Suits for everyone!




New Chobots Site Lay-Out + Some New Features!

7 02 2009

Hey Fellow Chobots! Be sure to check the Chobots latest website with an awsome new look!


Next, Chobots has released a new game located at the Acadamy!


Also Check out the Furniture Catalog if you haven’t because you can now buy furniture for your house if your a citizen!


Chobots has also re-arranged some of the server named and added a few too!


Finally, here is a look at my house! You can also easily move furniture around with the arrows above!



Winner of the Contest!

5 02 2009

Congrats to Bluorang for guessing the correct answer which was 21. Please comment your e-mail and we will get hold of a time to meet. I’ll then send you the gifts. Thanks for playing everyone!