Raxar is back!?

11 06 2009

Thats right! Really sorry for the long delay, but I was just extremely busy with school, new house, and tons of other work…so I am back in action again and I will do my best on staying with the updates! In fact, if I can get my views back to at least 5 or 6 thousand by the end of June I will be throwing away a FREE 1 month citizenship…you heard me. 😀




New Chobots Site Lay-Out + Some New Features!

7 02 2009

Hey Fellow Chobots! Be sure to check the Chobots latest website with an awsome new look!


Next, Chobots has released a new game located at the Acadamy!


Also Check out the Furniture Catalog if you haven’t because you can now buy furniture for your house if your a citizen!


Chobots has also re-arranged some of the server named and added a few too!


Finally, here is a look at my house! You can also easily move furniture around with the arrows above!



Chobot Memberships are here + New Rooms!

21 01 2009

First of all, Chobots have released memberships! If you become a member you are able to buy any of the outfits with coins and buy special magic. You can also buy a house and pets later on!


Here is the special magic you can buy with the membership!


And this is how the new room looks like in between the Eco Shop and the MakeYourOwnHouse Shop!


This is how the eco shop looks like!


And finally this is how the MakeYourOwn Shop looks like!






New Servers Added!

27 12 2008

Here are some new servers that have been added to Chobots!